Starbucks gets Patchogue Planning Board approvals for West Main Street


Starbucks is coming to Patchogue Village’s West Main Street.

The plans to erect the national coffee retailer at 159 West Main Street were approved Monday night by the village Planning Board.

The old Bargain Bilge marine supply store building will be demolished, and in its place will be a 2065-square-foot Starbucks, complete with a drive-thru and walk-up window.

Throughout its approval process, the project has been met with some blowback from locals. The majority of public comments decried the drive-thru, fearing it would cause undesired traffic in the village, and that its presences would hurt local mom-and-pop coffeehouse.

The Planning Board’s gravest concern from the previous meeting on Apr 27 was that pedestrians, particularly younger people coming from the nearby teen center, would cross the Starbuck parking lot just beyond where cars would exit the drive-thru. That evening, the board declared a speed bump must be constructed at the end of the drive-thru and fencing must be erected along West Main Street to prevent a pedestrian injury.

ABH Reality Group Inc, the group behind the Starbucks location, delivered a new design, submitted to the Planning Board on May 5. It included both the recommended speed bump and a three-foot-high black fence along the southern and western property lines to prevent unsafe access to the coffee shop.

The newest site plan features several of the Planning Board’s proposed safety features.

The developers also added two new speed bumps, one on either side of the crosswalk on the eastern side of the property, to further ensure pedestrian safety. The Planning Board commended the extra precaution which it did not consider.

ABH’s most recent submission also included interior floor plans, seating plans and elevations the board asked for two weeks ago.

The approval is still subject to ABH remedying the environmental concerns raised in the site soil test, primarily the removal of the 1000 gallon fuel tank still on the property. The developer is also awaiting approval from the Suffolk County Department of Health Services.

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