Burgerology teams with Sneaky Pete’s to create pop-up burger spot in Patchogue


Burgerology and Sneaky Pete’s have teamed up to bring Patchogue residents craft burgers and eccentric milkshakes with their new pop-up restaurant location at 11 Railroad Avenue.

Eddie Galatoulas, owner of Burgerology, is friends with the owner of Sneaky Pete’s, as well as Stereo Garden owner, Gus Berketis. He said they previously discussed opening a Burgerology in Patchogue, however, with busy schedules amongst the three of them, they never had the opportunity. 

When COVID-19 struck Long Island, Sneaky Pete’s — which opened in October — had to shut down. Galatoulas said he wanted to see how he could help the struggling restaurant out. 

“I said you know what let me see what I could do there with the takeout and the delivery,” Galatoulas said.

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Galatoulas has three other Burgerology locations in Rockville Center, Huntington, and Astoria, Queens. The restaurant is known for its variety of burger combinations and milkshake creations. 

He said Burgerology already had a solid take-out system in place before the state-wide shutdown, so the switch to strictly take-out and delivery increased their business. For example, when ordering out a milkshake, customers receive toppings in individual containers and a partially-coated cup that corresponds to the flavor milkshake they choose.

“You don’t get the same experience obviously as you do when you’re there, but you get an idea of what it really tastes like,” Galatoulas said.

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Since running the pop-up in Patchogue last week, residents and other visitors in the surrounding area have already responded well to the new burger spot, the owners say.

“The first three days have been remarkable,” he said. “The town has really embraced us.” 

In regards to the future of Burgerology in Patchogue, Galatoulas is eyeing to take over the Sneaky Pete’s location full-time. 

Gus Berketis, the former owner of the Stereo Garden building, said when he was approached by Galatoulas about the idea of merging the two restaurants to create a pop-up, he decided to give it a shot. 

Berketis said everything depends on the COVID-19 situation, but if things were different, the business would have been up and running. As of right now, he and Galatoulas are monitoring the progress of the restaurant merge. 

“We’re just taking it day-by-day, and seeing how the neighborhood responds to it, but so far the feedback has been great,” Berketis said. 

Galatoulas said he, his wife, and his two children travel to and monitor all Burgerology locations to make sure they are all following Public Safety guidelines during this outbreak. 

“We are on top of everything, and everyone should be confident in the way we operate,” he said. 

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Top: Burger from Burgerology (credit: Instagram)