Golf simulation, beer garden, and speciality cocktails are all on tap at Birdies, a new venture that’s in the works in Patchogue Village.

The project, a stone’s throw away from the Four Corners at 17 North Ocean, is being proposed by a team of three.

Ashley Kost, Andy Kovacs and Lance Holloway comprise the group aiming to bring the golf simulation bar to town.

All three are bringing their different backgrounds into this business.

With Kost it is her design and marketing abilities, Kovacs is the longtime project manager and self-proclaimed “golf fanatic,” and Holloway is the bar specialist having manned high-grossing establishments in New York City over the last decade.

While the definitive plans haven’t been approved yet by the Patchogue Village Planning Board, here’s what the team has in mind for Birdies.

“We’re going to have two different consumers,” said Kost. “People will be here for the golf, but there will also be people who never swing a golf club and will still be very happy to what we have to offer.”

That’s because the owners hope to utilize the large space in a creative way.

The first floor is planned to be a 3,850-square-foot art deco bar. The theme is the Roaring ’20s, with plenty of communal seating and large velvet banquet booths, the trio explained to GreaterPatchogue.

“We feel that people are going to be hungry to get out and start enjoying themselves again in a social environment,” said Holloway.

The drink menu consists of speciality cocktails, wine and draft beer featuring local breweries. For food inside, there’s going to be a selection of meats and cheeses.

Upstairs is where the golf begins.

You can expect at least five golf simulators and a 40-foot putting green, said Kost.

And here’s how the simulators would work:

Golfers pick whichever course they want to play on — there’s over 150 real-life places to choose from.

Then they take their clubs and swing a real ball that hits an enlarged 4K-resolution screen. That screen then uses data to calculate how far and in which direction that ball travels.

The owners of Birdies feel like this technology is not only is attractive to lifelong golfers but also newbies who may see the game as intimidating.

“Golf takes a long amount of time and it’s also nerve wrecking,” said Kovacs, who’s from St. James. “Here you can come on a sim, you can play a round of golf in an hour and don’t have to chase your ball or feel rushed.”

The group said they are excited about the idea of bringing in different nightly challenges and weekly leagues that could offer prizes, such as winning a vacation or new set of clubs.

Going back to the simulators, each one is planned to have its own seating area, table and 60-inch TV, said the owners.

The second floor also features a 550-square-foot terrace which would overlook a 1,500-square-foot beer garden — the third component to Birdies.

The Birdies team says the beer garden would have rotating food trucks, communal seating, and fun outdoor games like corn hole and Jenga.

“We want this area to be a family-type place that you can also grab a drink, some food and hang out,” said Kost.

After looking at locations across Long Island, the three felt this was the ideal spot.

“There’s no better town than Patchogue for foot traffic,” said Kost, who lives in Sayville. “My father-in-law is from Patchogue, so we know this area really well, and this building was perfect.”

To learn more about Birdies make sure to check them on online.

Scroll down to see photos of the space that will become Birdies.