The most prominent lake in Patchogue Village will be blooming with daffodils this spring.

The goal of the Greater Patchogue Foundation Beautification Committee is to plant 10,000 of the flowers within the next few weeks at Great Lake.

Planting is already underway.

The committee is aiming to have all the daffodils planted by March.

Members of the Patchogue Garden Club and the Greater Patchogue Foundation’s beautification committee will be planting the daffodil bulbs alongside the newly re-opened Lake Street extension.

Paula Murphy, the committee’s chairperson, joined forces with the Garden Club, the Business Improvement District, and the village to make it all happen.

“I think it’s a wonderful initiative, especially because we have so many people and organizations involved,” Murphy said. “Everybody is on board, so I’m very happy.”

A $5,000 anonymous donation to the Garden Club — combined with BID money, the beautification committee’s fund, and contributions from the restaurant committee of the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce — will cover the cost of the bulbs.

The private donor shared a story with Murphy about how he and his partner planted 10,000 daffodils over five years. She took that as “encouragement” to follow in their footsteps.

Lori Devlin, a village trustee, said the Lake Avenue reconstruction and new lakefront park project is the “perfect” place to kickstart the challenge.”

“We got 3,000 planted last weekend and now with the snow, we are hoping for a few warmer days in January in order to do the remainder,” Devlin said. “Happy to have anyone who wants to volunteer to assist.”

Volunteers are still welcome to plant. Call 631-207-1000.

Top: Field of daffodils, provided by Marian Kroell via Unsplash.