To the Editor:

Why does the village not enforce its own code requiring owners to clear snow and ice from sidewalks?

This is particularly glaring in high traffic areas such as Route 112.

I have witnessed several days of pedestrians, bicycles and even a motorized wheelchair traveling on Medford Ave (Route 112) within the village because the sidewalks have (mostly) not been cleared.

The Long Island Advance and Robertaccio’s Funeral Home are among the few exceptions. Since most of the parking lots are clear, it seems people are only doing as much as they think they have to.

Here is an excerpt from the village code:

“The owner or occupant of every building or lot and the owner of every unoccupied building lot, adjoining which is a sidewalk, shall see that the same is at all times kept unencumbered and free from snow, ice, dirt, rubbish or other matter which may obstruct the proper and free use of same.”


Editor’s note: The above photos from John Stolz were taken at 8 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 21.