Artist-created videos, gifs, animations, and digital stills be appearing before passersby on the Patchogue Theatre marquee from tonight through Dec. 31, it was just announced.

This is Long Island’s first-ever digital marquee exhibition, the Patchogue Arts Council and its Museum of Contemporary Arts Long Island, located in Patchogue on Terry Street.

MoCA L.I.ghts, which will feature other components as the fall progress, is being described as a “uniquely immersive arts experience, rejuvenating and lighting up spirits of all ages in ways Long Island has never seen.”

“Taking artwork out of the museum and putting it up in a public scale this way is so exciting,” said Beth Giacummo, the arts council’s executive director. “We’re used to seeing the marquee as a source of information, but now we’ll be looking at it as art.”

The show at the 71 East Main Street theater starts at 8:30 p.m. tonight, Friday, and runs until midnight on New Year’s Eve.

the artists

Art on the Marquee includes over 20 works from 13 local and national artists, curated by Beth Giacummo from an open call.

Artists included are: Ryan Seslow, Béatrice Coron, JoAnne Dumas, Takafumi Ide, Drew Kane, Fred Lingen, Cynthia Wells, Colin MacDonagh,Kasmira Mohanty, Moriah Ray-Britt, Devlin Starr, Amanda Reilly, and Jennie Thwing.

MoCA L.I.ghtsMoCA L.I.ghts programming will include a number of outdoor art experiences including Art on the Marquee, ARTchitecture, and the Night Vision Gallery. 

For MoCA L.I.ghts 2020, the Patchogue Arts Council is proud to partner with: Village of Patchogue, Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce, Patchogue BID, Pat-Med Library, Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, Eastern Suffolk BOCES Arts in Education, and Cornell Cooperative Suffolk County & Marine Department.