Red Barn Boutique is the latest retail shop to open in Bellport Village’s little downtown.

Owners Shea Rosario and Jessica Fauci are class moms turned best friends. Now they’re business partners, running a boutique that features modern farmhouse décor and clothing. 

Red Barn Boutique, located at 13 Bellport Lane, started out as an online shop a year ago, but when the COVID-19 outbreak hit, the Bellport residents heard that a storefront was up for rent and they jumped on the opportunity. 

“We knew we wanted to open a store in Bellport Village,” Rosario said. “This is our home, this is where we raise our kids, but there was never any storefronts available ever down here.” 

When they visited the location, they fell in love immediately and signed the lease that day. 

“We didn’t leave until he gave us the lease,” Rosario said. 

The name of the boutique is a nod to an actual red barn that was in Rosario’s backyard.

It was where they started their business selling custom signs and furniture. After some time, Fauci and Rosario decided they wanted to branch out and start offering modern farmhouse décor. 

“It just kind of blossomed from there,” Rosario said. 

They officially set up shop in July, and since then, the feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, they said.

“We are getting so much support, mostly of course from our town here, but we are getting people from all over — North Shore, Ronkonkoma, people who have never even heard of Bellport before,” Rosario said.

“It’s been better than what we could have ever expected.” 

The boutique is filled with home décor, custom signs and other accessories to make a house a little homier. The store is currently decked out with fall decorations for the season.

“We need a bigger store,” Rosario and Fauci joked. 

The owners also say they would be interested in opening another location within the village, should the opportunity arises. 

“We want to stay local,” Fauci said. 

Rosario has prior experience in running businesses, but neither of the partners have managed a retail business before. 

They joke that they are “winging it,” but being in Bellport Village has really helped the two friends ease into the new endeavor. 

“We love this town so much,” Rosario said. 

Before opening, the partners renovated the entire storefront themselves and posted progress pictures along the way.

Patrons who have followed Red Barn’s story have come in to show support for Rosario and Fauci’s final product. 

“It was a labor of love for us,” Fauci said. 

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Below are more photos of the inside of Red Barn Boutique.

Top: Jessica Fauci and Shea Rosario, owners of the Red Barn Boutique