The sudden closure of Country Kitchen had many wondering what would take up shop in the longstanding luncheonette spot off Patchogue’s East Main Street.

Then the signs went up for Rise & Grind, smack in the middle of the pandemic – but nothing else could be found about the breakfast and coffee bar.

It was a bit of an enigma.

That was the plan all along, owner Philip Shum told GreaterPatchogue.

“I want this place to be magical,” he said. “And a magician never reveals his tricks.”

Located at 240 East Main Street, Shum says and his team completely renovated the space.

“We’re keeping the same theme, but modernizing, updating,” he said.

It took more than a year-and-a-half for Shum to find the perfect spot for his envisioned breakfast place.

In March he was sold on the space, equipped with enough room on the property for outdoor dining and plenty of parking in the back.

“I just want people to have good food and for this to be a hangout spot,” he said.

He’s planning on opening up within the next three weeks — at half capacity under state COVID regulations — and is expanding the front patio for more outdoor sitting room.

Shum has a lot of surprises in store, but won’t tell any more his secrets —just yet. He does want people to be surprised.

Keep following GreaterPatchogue for updates on the opening of Rise & Grind, coming soon.

Photo by Julianne Mosher