Jack Krieger is running for reelection to a four-year term as a Patchogue Village Trustee.

by Jack Krieger

When I was first elected as Village Trustee, the future of Patchogue Village was in serious doubt.

Although we ran on a platform of revitalization and believed that we could get the job done, the newly elected mayor and Board of Trustees faced a daunting task.

Our village, which was once a booming retail destination and home to young and established families, had seen better times.

The village was replete with vacant storefronts, parking lots were empty, residential property values were at an all-time low, people were moving out, village municipal services left a lot to be desired and Patchogue was a place people drove through to get somewhere else.

Plainly speaking, we were on the way to becoming a “ghost town.”

Today, the revitalization of Patchogue Village is in full swing and I am proud to have worked alongside Mayor Pontieri and the Village Board to lead the way forward.

Our record of achievement has helped to make Patchogue one of the most desirable places to live on Long Island, but more needs to be accomplished.

That is why I am seeking re-election for Village Trustee.

As Parking Commissioner, I am currently leading the push to create more parking in our downtown business district by working closely with the mayor, a parking consultant and members of the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce.

As the Village Board representative on the Board of Directors of the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, I will continue to protect the historic theatre which is owned by our residents and one of our most important assets. And, as Commissioner of Public Safety, it is my responsibility to help make every neighborhood and our downtown safer for all residents and visitors.

I am determined to achieve all my goals and many more in the next four years. In order to do so, one needs the knowledge and experience to get the job done.  I firmly believe that I have the qualifications to lead these efforts in the future.

My family roots in Patchogue go back more than 100 years. I am raising my own family here. I own a home and am fully invested in the past, present and future of our village. While I was born in and still live in the neighborhood that I love, I am committed to work for all Patchogue Village residents, from Main Street to your street.