James Skidmore is running for a four-year term as a Patchogue Village Trustee.

by James Skidmore

My bid to run for Village Trustee is not a new thought; it stems from a lifelong passion to serve others. I am a servant of the people, not a present-day politician.

I believe in civil discourse and encouraging our citizenry to be engaged in our democracy. I will act as an independent voice of the people.

Our present administration has been in power for many years and complacency is often the result of it not being challenged.

I believe that our residents deserve a choice and a fresh set of eyes. I will be a voice for all our residents. I think we are overburdened with taxes. We need to have more transparency in our government and allow all of our residents an opportunity to properly contribute.

My first promise to the residential taxpayer is this:

If elected, I will not vote for any more tax hikes. For the past 15 years taxes have gone up. The next budget due soon may also contain another tax increase. If history is any guide, there will be four more tax hikes on the way.

Live-streaming our Village Board meetings would encourage democracy and give a voice to those residents that cannot attend, such as the sick, the elderly, and others.

Live-streaming the board meetings in both English and Spanish will foster inclusivity and help strengthen the bonds of our diverse community.

Revitalization has brought great gains for our Main Street. Now it’s time for every street in our village to share in those gains as well.

Patchogue Village needs a “New Vision” that includes every neighborhood. We need a long-term plan with resident views from every part of our village.

If elected, I will do everything in my power to make that happen.

My family moved to the Village of Patchogue in 1978. Our family was very excited to move here. As a young child, going to Patchogue was a treat. We loved the Christmas parade and shopping for clothing and school supplies.

We were also elated to be near our grandparents, who resided on Wheeler Court. My grandfather was a bayman who had a unique connection with the earth and the sea.

We loved to dial GR5 and every family had a copy of Roberts Press near their phones. We loved Wah Lums, Sweezeys and the ornate decorations that lined the streets.

We loved climbing the trees in front of South Ocean Avenue Middle School and skipping stones into the bay.

We loved the “L” dock and the Patchogue-Medford Raiders. 

My family has cried here, has celebrated here and has grown here.

I want to serve the community that has served myself and my family. It is a sense of obligation, not only to my community, but to myself.

If elected, I will be a indepdendent voice for those I serve.

If elected, I will vote for no tax hikes and I will be someone who demands accountability of our leaders. As an underdog I have an uphill battle. As an individual I rise to rise my community, and to lead our residents to the best version of Patchogue.

Photo Credit: Doug Young