Patchogue-Medford High School alum Guy Cerullo and his newlywed wife say they are in “a desperate stage” onboard the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship that is riddled with dozens of cases of the coronavirus and harboring near Yokohama, Japan.

“We shouldn’t be in this type of condition, exposed to the virus,” Cerullo’s bride Milena Basso told Fox News. “We need help. We’re in a desperate, desperate stage. We’re American citizens. We just want to be home.”

The couple, on their honeymoon, have spent the last five days in their cabin, getting food in dribs and drabs, after dining on Maine lobster and other fancy delicacies before the Princess Cruises ship floated into Japanese waters.

“Healthwise, we’re pretty good. Mentally, uh, not so great,” Cerullo said. “It’s been quite a few hours now, and we’ve basically been trapped in our room.”

Noting how far the quality of food has sunk, Cerullo pleaded for cereal or a grilled cheese sandwich.

“We were able to get alcohol — that they charged us for,” he quipped.

Patchogue-Medford High School alumnus Guy Cerullo and his newlywed wife Milena Basso are stuck aboard the quarantined cruise ship, Diamond Princess, in Japan until Feb. 19.

Earlier today, Cerullo commented to editor and co-publisher Brian Harmon on Facebook that “It’s been really hairy and just want to go home.”

Basso, a graduate of the New York School of Flower Design and SUNY Farmingdale’s Ornamental Horticulture program, pleaded in a CNN interview for President Trump to help.

The Japanese Ministry of Health said the quarantine will last until February 19, “unless there are any other unforeseen developments,” Princess Cruises said in a statement on Thursday. 

There have now been 61 documented cases of coronavirus — including 11 Americans — aboard the Diamond Princess. The amount tripled late Thursday, with the addition of 41 new patients.

So far, 20 of the sick have been taken off the cruise ship.

At least four Long Islanders are stuck on the cruise ship, including the Cerullos, who live in Garden City, and a Blue Point couple.

Princess Cruises confirmed there were more than 3,700 guests and workers on the ship when it was first quarantined this week.