Hey Long Island, if you’re a follower of any of our six community news websites, you’ve likely read some of my stories.

But the third-person style has felt so informal. I want you to get to know me (I’m needy), so I figured to speak through everyone’s universal language: food!

To be sure, I’m in no way a food critic or an expert in virtually anything food-related, but I certainly like to eat. (You can also track my weight gain over the coming years through my updated author profiles on the Greater sites.)

I’m so good at pounding food and passing on some good recommendations to friends and family.

Now I figure to spread the wealth beyond my very small social circles. Let’s embrace gluttony and trEAT ourselves, my fellow islanders.

Now to the FOOD

Here’s something delightful that I shoved down my throat this week: the popular Blackened Fish Tacos over at Catch Oyster Bar in Patchogue.

The sauce on my finger is key

The star is the red snapper, which I’m told is the perfect fish for the perfect fish taco. It’s light enough that it absorbs the seasonings really well, with a good pop of flavor in each bite. It doesn’t taste fishy, and it holds its shape.

The blackened fish is topped with a lemon zest aioli — which won me at first sight. (I’m under the impression any orange-colored sauce is tasty.) There’s also the house-made pico de gallo and freshly made guacamole and tortilla chips.

If that hasn’t enticed you, perhaps this will: You can get two of these gems during happy hour for just $6. That’s cheaper than a trip to Taco Bell.

If you head to Catch for happy hour, which is Mondays through Fridays from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., I’ll most likely be there.

I will definitely accept a beer for this recommendation.

Cheers, and go trEAT yourself!

Take a closer look out these babies: