Glenn Rohrbacker wants more student journalists to have the same (or better) college experience than he had at the University of New Haven.

While there, he worked for the school’s paper, The Chargers Bulletin, where he worked his way up from a staff writer to editor-in-chief.

“I just got a real love for college media while doing it,” said the Bayport resident.

His college journalism experience immediately helped him in landing a job in journalism. He was hired as a staff writer for the Long Island Advance right after graduation in 2018.

Because of his affinity to college media, the 23-year-old recently launched the College Media Group, a nonprofit aiming to empower and educate student journalists across the U.S.

Rohrbacker said the idea stemmed from a research paper he did his senior year at New Haven.

“I interviewed editors from student publications across the country to find the trends in college media,” he said.

With his non-for-profit, he aims to fill the gaps from the issues he uncovered.

“The media outlets all had different issues,” he told GreaterPatchogue. “Some were funding problems, some were due to lack of participation, and some schools didn’t have a journalism program at all and the newspaper was part of the English department.”

With the College Media Group, Rohrbacker and his board — which is comprised of professional journalists — are taking a three-pronged approach to help the student-run media outlets.

One is through the creation of its College Wire, a free service that allows newspapers to disseminate articles to fellow college publications.

“There are some outlets that are really struggling with involvement, or some just need want more content,” said Rohrbacker, “This helps fill the space.”

The others are providing students with additional education through its online learning academy and by releasing trending information through its annual research findings.

“Our goal is to be a resource for those college media outlets and make sure they can thrive and survive on their campus,” said Rohrbacker.


To further the Long Islander’s passion project, Rohrbacker and his team will be hosting its first-ever fundraiser on Sunday, Nov. 17.

The College Media Group will be providing a fall concert at 89 North that will feature performances by Tony Sidito, Matt Relevo, and The Como Brothers Band.

The show begins at 3 p.m.

In addition to music, there will be food, raffles, and a cash bar.

Admission cost $20 online ($25 at the door) and $12 for students ( $17 at the door).

Rohrbacker says doing the show in Patchogue is the perfect location.

“I work here, I live close to here, and I’ve worked hours on this idea at [Patchogue’s] Bean coffee shop,” he said. “It felt like the right place to do it.”

To purchase tickets, click here.

Top: The College Media Group founder Glenn Rohrbacker at the Bean of Patchogue.