If someone you know comes back from Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse saying it wasn’t so scary — they went in the daytime by accident.

There’s also a lesser-known Halloween attraction at the Bellport theatre called the Not So Scary Kids Adventure.

For $15 each, the kids get to tour the actual haunted house, though the scarier attractions are covered up in favor of stuff for the little ones.

But there’s also a pumpkin bouncer, face painting, balloon creations, hay bale maze, coloring activities, and more.

That, and the concession station is open all day.

The Gateway’s kids’ haunted house 2019 runs on Saturdays and Sundays through Oct 22, from noon to 4 p.m. 

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“The concept is to open the Haunted House to parents and kids to give them a place to come and spend the afternoon as a family, not just a quick in and out,” says Gateway producer Scot Allan.

Inside the haunted house, the storyline and characters are different from those you would encounter at night.

Gateway’s Haunted House was first unveiled in 2009. The kids’ haunted house was introduced the next year.

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Recommended for children ages 3 and up and those who might not be ready for Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse at night. Absolutely no newborns, infants, or, for their own safety, women in the later stages of pregnancy. No strollers, carriages, or baby carriers of any kind are permitted inside the tour.

This is strictly for the safety of you and your child! There are areas in our midway where children under 3 can be accompanied by an adult without incurring an entrance fee. Please make arrangements in advance.

file photo/Michael White