The anticipated opening of Patchogue’s only takeout place dedicated almost entirely to Asian bao buns is just a few weeks away.

Bird & Bao owner Conor Swanson, a longtime NYC chef, says he’s looking to open on South Ocean Avenue, next to Duke’s Dogs, around mid-October.

Swanson started building out the space early this year.

Since then, he’s had lots of people poking their heads in the front and back doors asking the same question: When will you open?

People are excited.

“I think it’s going to be a great fit for the town, obviously,” Swanson told GreaterPatchogue this week. “There’s nothing really like this out here. And, it’s something different from the bar food.”

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Here’s the menu board you’ll find at Bird & Bao on opening day:

Swanson is a French Culinary Institute graduate who spent the past five years — before starting work on Bird & Bao — living in Brooklyn and working in Manhattan restaurants.

That’s where he spent much time experimenting with the immensely popular pork buns, or steamed Asian bread rolls.

“I was always experimenting with them, and putting the [Taiwanese] fried chicken in there,” he previously told GreaterPatchogue. “For me the fried chicken was way more appealing than the pork belly. Something I could eat every day.”

His brand of a fried chicken bao bun (called Original on the above menu board) is the inspiration behind “Bird and Bao.”

The big city-style takeout place also sits about 15 people.

As for the clientele, Swanson is hoping to draw foot traffic from locals and visitors alike — with plenty of deliveries going out.

Bird & Bao will also be offering pork and tofu buns, five spice fries, salads and, eventually, chicken and rice bowls, with long-term plans to open earlier on Saturdays and Sundays for breakfast buns.

After an expected several days of a soft opening, the regular hours at Bird & Bao will be from noon to 9 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday.