We’re not in Patchogue Village anymore.

At least GreaterPatchogue wasn’t on Thursday when the team ventured west to downtown Brooklyn to tour Blue Point Brewing’s newest project, The Hull.

The Hull is an underground brewpub that is currently in the works underneath a popular seafood restaurant called Seamore’s at 66 Water Street.

“We’re going for a speakeasy, intimate vibe,” said Chris Chou-Messina, general manager of the underground brewery.

The new Blue Point location, which is scheduled to open within weeks, will have on-site brewing operations.

Rob Capitelli, Blue Point’s brewmaster, said the new Brooklyn brewery will be able to produce eight brews per month.

“This is going to be a center for innovation for us,” he said. “We’ll really be able to showcase some of our creativity here.”

For food, Blue Point chef Charley Sinden worked with Seamore’s chef Chris Cryer to create a menu that features mac and cheese, burgers, oysters, and more.

“Between the unique location, the relationship with Seamore’s, I felt we had to do this,” said Mark Burford, co-founder and president of Blue Point Brewing Company, on the expansion.

Burford said his company was looking to grow its fan base past Patchogue.

“You got to get out of your comfort zone to be able to grow,” he said. “This is sort of our first step in doing that.”

While being under the Blue Point Brewing Company brand, the company still wants The Hull to have its own identity.

“We’re going to be experimenting here; there are no guardrails to what we do in Patchogue,” Burford told GreaterPatchogue. “We’re going to be making beers that are made just for this neighborhood.”

Inside the location, there will be seating for 54 patrons, including a nine-seat bar. A small performance stage is in the works too.

“We want to use this intimate space to do many things like podcast recordings, debates, and small lectures,” said Chou-Messina.

The DUMBO spot has been everything Burford and his team were looking for.

“I love the space since the first time we looked at it,” he said. “It is so unique with the tunnel (when you walk in), it makes you feel like under the hull of a ship. We are extraordinarily lucky to have found this.”

Scroll down to see photos of the space.


(L-R) Blue Point’s chef Charley Sinden, president Mark Burford, and brewmaster Rob Capitelli.

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