The results are in for the 2019 Bellport Village mayoral race, and the winner is the incumbent mayor, Ray Fell.

Fell beat challenger Bob Morris by a vote of 420 to 140. That’s good for 75 percent of the votes cast for mayor for Fell.

“I am very happy the village residents are supporting what’s been going on in the village,” said Fell. “They can expect two more years of hard work from me and my team.”

The two incumbent village trustees that were up for reelection, Mike Ferrigno (468 votes) and Bob Rosenberg (448) went unchallenged.

Morris congratulated Fell after the win, then later told GreaterPatchogue “this has all been about the process and bringing awareness.”

“There are people who don’t feel heard and care for other things other than infrastructure and the income-producing aspects of the golf course,” he said, adding he would likely run for a village trustee seat in the future.

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Top: Mayor Ray Fell being congratulated on his victory. (Nick Esposito)