Dear Pat-Med community,

I have been blessed to work with our amazing community over the past five years. These have been the most rewarding five years of my life.

We have incredible students, parents, educators and community partnerships that made me so proud to steward our vision and mission of what a whole child education looks and feels like.

Our school district is a beacon of hope in New York because of you.

As you likely know, I have informed our amazing Board of Education that I would be resigning from my position as Superintendent of Schools effective July 12.

I have accepted a new position as the Superintendent of Schools in Port Washington, N.Y.

I wanted to communicate to you — our outstanding Patchogue-Medford family directly — to inform you of my decision. It was a difficult decision, and after a great deal of reflection, I know it is the right one for my family and for me professionally.

We have an amazing team in District Office, a dedicated administrative team, school staff and, of course, the best teachers in the world.

Patchogue-Medford is primed to take off and do great things for all children because we have set forth a wonderful foundation to build upon. Everything we do focuses on our children — and it will continue to stay that way.

Thank you Pat-Med family for your dedication to our students, families and community. Most important, thank you for making me the person I am today. I am so proud to have served our passionate school community.

And Raider pride will always be a part of me.

I will truly miss all the relationships I have made and the important work we moved forward together. Finally, the past five years at Patchogue-Medford have been wonderful in every way imaginable.

I truly admire and respect our Board of Education and Dennis Logan, our District Clerk. They have changed the landscape of public education in New York for the better. Our Board of Education places kids and educators first and know our future is bright under their leadership. They will continue the work ahead and look forward to hearing all about it for many years to come.

— Dr. Michael Hynes

Photo: Dr. Hynes at play in a River Elementary kindergarten classroom.