Patchogue-Medford School District Superintendent Michael Hynes is resigning from his position to accept a new job at another school district, school officials announced on Thursday. 

“Our Board of Education was not expecting this news, as we suspect, were many of you,” wrote Anthony O’Brien, president of the Patchogue-Medford Board of Education, in a Facebook post. “We have had a wonderful relationship with Dr. Hynes for nearly five years now and we’re expecting for it to continue.”

O’Brien didn’t release any information regarding where Hynes will be working next, however, he said, “You will be hearing more from Dr. Hynes about his decision in the days ahead.”

Hynes’ last day at Pat-Med will be sometime in July.

Many took to Facebook to share their opinions on the news.

“This is some big shoes to fill!” one commenter wrote, “Thank you for all you did for us at Pat-Med.” 

Laurie Ann, another Facebooker, gave her well wishes to the superintendent.

“He will be missed,” she said. “Whatever district he’s going to is very lucky.” 

During his tenure, Hynes became well-known for his outspoken stances against Common Core and standardized testing. He shared some of his opinions with GreaterPatchogue when he became a columnist earlier his year. Scroll down to read some of his columns.

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