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The first workshop will be held Tuesday, April 30, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Bayport Fire House located at 251 Snedecor Avenue in Bayport.


The Town of Islip is conducting a land use and zoning study for three distinct areas in Bayport, including Montauk Highway, Middle Road (Bayport’s Historic Hamlet Center), and an industrial area located on Rajon Road currently occupied by Wenner Bakery.

The Town is seeking input from the community at an Open House scheduled later this month.

Each of the study’s three “sub-areas” has its own unique character with regard to land use, circulation patterns, and development pressure on vacant and underutilized properties. The planning approach for each study will be sensitive to each sub-area’s context in order to understand the needs of each area and to anticipate the impacts of growth.

The current Bayport zoning permits a wide variety of fast food restaurants with drive-through facilities, gas station/ convenience stores and 60’ high industrial buildings. The purpose of the land use study is to gather Bayport resident, business owner and landowner input on the community’s character and sense of place. The land use study is the conduit to effect a change on the existing zoning to support the community’s values.

Montauk Highway: This area includes properties along the 1.2 mile stretch of Montauk Highway (CR 85) within Bayport. The road is primarily commercial in character, with strip commercial stores and other automobile oriented retail uses. The study will look at opportunities to promote growth and redevelopment that will help to knit together the corridor and foster a “Main Street” feel for Bayport. A focus will be placed on identifying appropriate uses, zoning standards, and on improving pedestrian and bicycle linkages to the surrounding neighborhoods. 

Middle Road: This small commercial node was historically the commercial center of Bayport.  It is envisioned that planning for this area will focus on how to improve the streetscape and guide development so that it contributes to a sense of place and connectivity within Bayport.

Rajon Road/Wenner Bakery: This industrial area is largely occupied by Wenner Bakery, which plans to vacate the site in the near future. The study will look at appropriate redevelopment and urban design strategies for this area.

The study is supported by technical planning and market professionals so as to develop realistic development alternatives and recommendations that consider potential impacts and/or constraints, parking, traffic, infrastructure, and other potential impacts on community facilities and services. The study may also identify issues that could require further study.

Community outreach is a critical component of the study to ensure that the vision for future development meets local needs. The Town will provide a host of opportunities for public input including two public workshops, stakeholder interviews and focus groups. This outreach will help to define a set of realistic development goals and objectives for the three areas.

The first workshop will be held on Tuesday, April 30, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Bayport Fire House, 2nd Floor Meeting Room. The firehouse is located at 251 Snedecor Avenue in Bayport. All interested residents, property owners and other stakeholders are encouraged to attend and share their thoughts on the vision, goals and objectives for the three area.

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