Falafel. Gyros. Chicken or lamb over rice.

That’s all at the fingertips of Patchogeans — now that Kabul Halal Grill has opened near the new Familia Bakery in East Main Street’s Carvel shopping plaza.

Khalid Manzoor, 32, of Bay Shore, and the rest of the ownership team opened Kabul Halal Grill just days before Christmas. Business has been brisk ever since.

“It’s been getting very busy,” Monzoor told GreaterPatchogue as a steady stream of customers poured in and out of the place on Thursday.

“We’ve been getting a lot of repeat customers,” he said.

Some local foodies are agreeing that Kabul Halal is good. Scroll down to read the restaurant’s first two Yelp reviews.

the backstory

Manzoor and his family emigrated from Afghanistan in the late 1990s.

Since he’s been a teenager he had been pushing falafal carts in the city or, later, driving taxis. It was his job with an island-wide car service that helped introduce him to the bustling Patchogue Village.

So he dialed up a friend who had recently opened two halal restaurants, one in Bay Shore and the other in the Levittown area. “They’re really popular,” he said of the takeout places.

Manzoor figured Halal would work in Patchogue, too.

“Patchogue is really nice and pretty busy, so I brought him here,” he said.

about the food

Halal food is trending, especially among younger people, Manzoor said, attributing much credit to The Halal Guys franchise, which also started as a NYC push cart.

Halal is a form of preparing food in accordance to Muslim law, and Manzoor said his meat is sourced from Halal butchers from across the tri-state area.

“But when [people] hear halal, it pretty much means chicken over rice, or lamb over rice,” he said.

For the less adventurous, Kabul Halal Grill also serves up hamburgers and chicken sandwiches.

He and his business partners are also opening a Valley Street location.

Top: Khalid Manzoor, 32, of Bay Shore, behind the line at Kabul Halal Grill in Patchogue on Thursday. (Credit: Michael White)

Kabul Halal’s most popular dish, chicken over rice.

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