It wasn’t a typical ribbon-cutting ceremony in Patchogue Village Tuesday evening.

In addition to celebrating the opening of the juice bar downtown, Nole Café launched a Biggest Loser-like weight loss competition to raise money for charity.

Each contestant — all backed by sponsors — are being challenged to lose some weight. The winner is determined by the greatest percentage of weight loss. All combined proceeds goes toward the victor’s choice of charity.

Each contestant in the Chamber Weight Loss Competition will have free access to the New Patchogue Village Fitness & Spa (formerly Finest Fitness) throughout the eight weeks.

The final weigh-in is March 14 at Nole, followed by an after-party at Fulton’s Gate.

Of the 20-plus participants, the notables include Mayor Paul Pontieri, the Chamber of Commerce’s executive director, David Kennedy, Patchogue Young Professionals board members Courtney Weber, Benny Migliorino and Michele Cayea, as well as Mark Miller, a co-owner of Harbor Crab Co. and Dublin Deck in Patchogue.

“I am excited to do this because we get to highlight Nole Café, that not only has amazing food that is good for you, they have in-house amazing juices and a great program to teach you about ways to improve your health,” said Kennedy.

The mayor also seemed excited to join the cause to support health and wellness in the village.

“It is important to be healthy and sustaining it over time is important, and [Nole Cafe] helps people do that,” Mayor Paul Pontieri said.

The idea for the competition, being sponsored by the Young Professionals, stems from the café’s co-owner Mackenzie Miller. She has been helping others since she became a certified health and wellness trainer in college.

“For me, now to be able to speak to the masses [with Nole Café] means so much,” she said. “We have received so much support from the community, it is amazing.”

One of her biggest supporters is her dad, Mark Miller.

“I am extremely proud of my daughter for believing in something and making it happen,” Mark said at the ribbon-cutting. “She believes in health and fitness and by getting there through nutrition. She has turned around the demeanor of my friends — not only do they lose a lot of weight but they make them happy.”

the weigh-in

Scroll down to see the results from the initial weigh-in of our notable contestants. The charities they are supporting are also included.

David Kennedy: 199.2 pounds | Greater Patchogue Foundation

Mayor Paul Pontieri: 225.2 pounds | Harbor Crab Co.’s Kris Kringle Foundation

Benny Migliorino: 201 pounds| Greater Patchogue Foundation

Courtney Weber: 151.7 pounds | American Heart Association

Michele Cayea: 140.2 pounds| Stony Brook Cancer Center

Mark Miller: 208.2 pounds | Inclusive Sports Foundation

Below are photos from the evening

Nole Café co-owner Mackenzie Miller addressing the crowd at her ribbon-cutting ceremony.

A packed house for Nole Café’s ribbon cutting.

Another scene from Nole Café during Tuesday night’s festivities.

Mackenzie Miller weighing David Kennedy of the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce.