A peek at one of the packed display cases at Familia Bakery in Patchogue. (Michael White)

A peek Friday at one of the display cases at the new Familia Bakery in Patchogue. (Michael White)

The much-anticipated opening of Familia Bakery in Patchogue is upon us — and it’s happening right in time for Christmas.

The family behind Familia will be swinging open their doors Saturday, Dec. 22, to kick off a few weeks of soft openings before adjusting their inventory according to locals’ needs and wants — and then firing up the grill for breakfast.

They’re hoping to throw a grand opening party in January.

“We want to see how it goes and if anything, we could fix it quickly,” said Jeison Garzon of Holbrook, who’s opening the bakery with his dad, Jesus Garzon, mom Martha Molina, brother David Garzon, sister Lina Garzon, and the baker: Seir Ocampo, an in-law.

“We’re all family,” Jeison told GreaterPatchogue.com, “so the name was kind of easy to come up with.”

The Garzon family also runs The Bilingual News newspapers, which are distributed across Long Island.

An uncle to Jeison and his siblings also owns a popular bakery in Brentwood called La Espiguita Bakery, which is located at 1995 Brentwood Road. “It’s pretty big there and we’ve gotten to know the business and we like the product and everything about it,” Jeison said.

The bakery in Patchogue will be stocked with American, Colombian and other Latin-American confections and hot food, such as pandebono (Colombian cheese bread) and beef and chicken empanadas.

“We’re going to see what people want, and adjust from there,” Jeison said. “There’s a lot of Ecuadoreans in the area, so we’ll try to gear it toward them, too. We’ve been asked to carry bagels, and Italian bread, so we’re going to go where the people take us.”

“We’re going to have a lot of variety, a lot of Latin American stuff, de leches, flan. But also bagels, rolls, bacon, egg and cheese — the typical Long Island breakfast.”

The hours, starting Dec. 22, will be 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week. (Stop by Familia to find out about their holiday hours.)

The bakery is located at 221 East Main Street, in the same shopping plaza as Carvel. Work has been going on the past few months.

“Everybody’s been asking us, when are you guys opening?” Jeison said. “We’ve been trying to do things as soon as we can.”

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Top: The exterior of the new Familia Bakery in Patchogue before it opens at 221 East Main Street. (Michael White photo)