It was a gift from a family member that came from Thrifty Beverage in Ronkonkoma, and it wasn’t a six-pack.

Now 21-year-old Maria Idrovo of Patchogue is $5 million richer after scratching off a “Set for Life’ game from the New York State Lottery.

The card’s matching 13’s sealed it for her.

Idrovo was congratulated at a special ceremony in Plainview Friday with Yolanda Vega, who handed her a ceremonial prize check.

“Plain shock,” is how Idrovo explained her thoughts after realizing she won.  “I read the game and thought, I won. So I took it to a local store to confirm. It turned out to be a winner.”

Idrovo opted to receive her prize as a one-time lump sum payment

So her net check, after taxes and withholdings, will amount to exactly $2,591,133.

She’s going to use the money to pay off student loans, buy a new car and maybe a house.

Photo: NYS Lottery’s Yolanda Vega awards Maria Idrovo of Patchogue with a $5 million ceremonial check after her “Set for Life” jackpot win. (courtesy)

From the NYS Lottery:

There are currently six outstanding top prizes available on the popular Set for Life ticket.  Players may check the status of any New York State Lottery scratch-off game by clicking the Instant Games Reports link at