Patchogue resident David James has long-known that 3D technologies are the way of the future, especially in real estate development.

And now he is bringing the technology to his hometown.

Earlier this month, James, 37, expanded his 3D virtual and augmented reality company, BIMSEA, when he opened a new office space at 57 Richmond Avenue— the company also shares a space that houses J Signs and Ampersand Marketing on West Main Street.

The architect graduate from NYIT uses his tech to service the architectural, engineering, real estate, and web development sector. Some of the benefits, he says, are for developers who want to showcase their properties before a foundation is even laid.

“The technology helps architects describe to the clients better on how to visualize the space,” said the Kings Park High School graduate.

It works by using 3D devices such as virtual reality goggles as well as interactive websites to explore the soon-to-be-created property.

One of his recent clients includes the upcoming Selden luxury apartment complex, Westfield Green, which he brought to the life through his services.

While having offices in Shanghai and Manhattan, James said he wanted to expand to Long Island because he saw a need not being filled.

“We feel there are other 3D companies in New York City, but no one is really serving the market out on Long Island, particularly in the Hamptons,” he said.

BIMSEA says its clientele ranges from individual home designers to large real estate developers.

“Normally a development like that can’t afford to do an entire 3D package because it would be too expensive,” James said of  the Westfield Green project. “But because we are so competitive on our price point we can serve a whole different range of clients and not just the high-end guys.”

James said he has been eyeing Patchogue for a while now for a new office.
“I want to bring tech jobs to this region,” he said. ” I love this area; it is a hub in Suffolk County.”
Since moving in, BIMSEA has been collaborating with its new neighbors, Ampersand Marketing.

“BIMSEA has provided me with a new tool to offer to my clients that can take their development projects to the next level,” said Dexter Dible of Ampersand.

“Their technology gave us the opportunity to start marketing and filling a vacancy earlier in this new development (in Westfield Green.)”

BIMSEA owner David James in his new office in Patchogue.

(L-R) Dexter Dible of Ampersand Marketing with BIMSEA owner David James.