The Food Done It? edible mystery tour that has caught fire in Patchogue was featured last week on Verizon FiOS 1’s Restaurant Hunter with Rob Petrone.

Petrone and his wife took the tour, documenting the whole thing in an 8-minute segment.

Before getting started, the couple met with Elizabeth and Kevin Hindley, who founded the company in 2017.

“It becomes just an extravaganza of amazing food,” Elizabeth told Petrone.

“They ain’t kidding,” he concluded during the tour.

Since September, the East Patchogue couple has sent hundreds of people into local restaurants each week for Food Done It? tours.

The participants’ mission is to solve a crime. 

And they eat, drink and laugh plenty while doing it.

Click here to watch the entire Restaurant Hunter segment. There’s a touching story toward the end about how the Hindleys became engaged the day they launched the company.


Meet the couple behind the ‘Food Done It?’ sensation in Patchogue