Here we learn all about floating and its mental and physical benefits from the owners of The Float Place, Long Island’s seminal center for flotation therapy healing.

Tom Wunk and Hardy Patel, both Sachem High grads, now run two centers in Deer Park and Patchogue, which is the newest location that opened in 2016.

Wunk got into floating in May of 2013, after trying it out in Manhattan. He was so inspired and transformed by the experience, he built the first incarnation of The Float Place in his basement. 

Patel was an early client who was looking to try out floating — at the recommendation of a friend — during his battle with depression.

“It was really after four floats, that I started drastically changing me life,” Patel says in The Float Place’s appearance on How We Do through Greater Patchogue TV.

So, how does floating work? There’s about 1,000 pounds of epson salt diluted in each pool at The Float Place locations.

“You float effortlessly because of that, creating a zero gravity environment,” Patel said.

The pools are about 10 inches deep and set to the body’s external body temperature, around 94 degrees, and floaters are given the option of experiencing what’s close to zero gravity in pitch black or with dimmers on.

They’re encouraged to float with the lights off, because the entire experience is based on sensory deprivation.

“When you cut out all the noise, and all the B.S. going on,” Patel says of the experience, “then it’s just you. In that emptiness, in that state of nothingness, or that stillness — clarity comes.”