The storm clouds passed in time to spotlight one of Patchogue’s more exciting new businesses to open this winter: Bar A Dessert.

The Eastern fusion dessert bar opened last month on South Ocean Avenue, specializing in Thai rollup ice cream that’s made in the French style, which is thick and custardy.

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“So far so good, everything’s been very smooth after these past five weeks of soft openings,” said Ansen Wang, who started the business with his friend Junggle Fu of Flushing. (Photos below.)

Fu was inspired by a number of visits to Thailand.

“This is top quality stuff. And my chef, the staff, is doing a great job,” Wang said.

Wang said keeping late hours (Bar A Dessert closes at 10, 11 or midnight, depending on the day of the week) has attracted a great after-dinner crowd.

He noted that anyone with a student ID — not matter the grade level or college — is entitled to 10 percent off. There’s also a 10 percent discount for anyone checking in or tagging Bar A Dessert on social media.

And there’s a lot to photograph and video.

Along the bar, the ice cream is mixed over a metal table, frozen to minus 5 degrees, chopped, spread and rolled.

“This [ice cream] is like a work of art,” said Wang.

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photos courtesy of Benny Migliorino/Benny Migs Photo

Ansen Wang at Bar A Dessert for Sunday’s grand opening party.