It’s been nearly three years since Dawn Michelle Schultzer decided she wanted to bring her passion for guided mediations to other Long Islanders in the form of a holistic healing center.

What’s resulted is a bit of a marvel on Main Street in Patchogue.

Tranquility Within, which opened its retail component to the public on Black Friday, is now fully operational.

There, Schultzer is offering a full suite of services in seven private rooms — from massage, to private meditation, to hypnotherapy, to nutritional counseling, yoga and more.

“As of March 1 we’ve had our holistic practitioners starting, so that’s now every component of the business, which is huge,” Schultzer said.

There’s also a 600-square-foot yoga room in the back that looks like something out of the movies.

And moms and dads will also be happy to see the large childcare room with a kids’ bathroom.

“It’s sort of like my own unique concept,” Schulzter, of Shirley, told back in July of 2015. “If you have kids, you can drop them off. It’s going to be set up in a way where it’s very relaxing, inviting, tranquil.

“We’re going to have guided meditation, either though headsets or on speakers. You would pick the best [guided meditation] for you, based on your situation.”

Tranquility Within is located at 64 West Main Street, formerly a framing shop that Schultzer purchased about 2 and 1/2 years ago. Scroll down for a full photo tour.

The customer lounge for anyone arriving early to an appointment or looking to unwind afterward.

A private meditation room with an array of guided meditations, complete with copper pyramid.

Looking at West Main Street from the hallway at Tranquility Within.

A service room that’s being primary used by a hypnotherapist on Wednesdays.