The JT’s empire is continuing its South Shore expansion.

First, longtime chef and restaurateur Justin Tempelman opened JT’s On The Bay in the Blue Point Marina in 2007.

Then, nearly a decade later, JT’s Cafe opened on Montauk Highway in 2016.

Now Templeman is traversing the Blue Point-Patchogue border.

And he’s brought along a partner, Brenin Burgess, 22, who has worked for JT’s since he was 15.

The two signed a lease on Thursday for what was called The Beach House Restaurant at Morgan’s Swan River Marina. (Known to many as Morgan’s.)

“This is a diamond in the rough,” said Tempelman. “I kept saying, it’s such a great hideaway.”

Hence the name: JT’s Hideaway.

The two plan to spruce the place up, redecorate and open for business this summer on Friday, April 28. (Two weeks later, JT’s on the Bay will open in Blue Point.)

“We just want to thank the Lynch family [the marina owners] for entrusting us,” Tempelman told GreaterPatchogue. “We want this place to be something that the Lynchs and Morgan’s marina and the surrounding neighborhoods are going to be proud of.”

The marina owners took to Facebook to share their news.

“This change was not an easy one for us but we feel confident that JT’s Hideaway will bring a new and exciting feel to Morgan’s,” reads a post dated Feb. 1. “I hope to see everyone back on the deck this summer enjoying great food, drinks, friends and the amazing view!”

JT’s Hideaway — the address is 363 Grove Avenue in Patchogue, along Swan River — will be open 7 days a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day, serving lunch and dinner. Brunch will be served on Sundays. The Hideaway will also host live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the summer.

The head chef will be none other than Jonathan Schwadron, the former longtime owner of Sage Café, which was where the year-round JT’s Café is currently located.

Aside from waterfront staples like oysters and clams, Templeman says that he and Burgess and Schwadron in the kitchen will have “a lot of surprises” in store for customers.

“We have a reputation and I think people are really interested to see what our spin will be on this place,” Tempelman said. “It’s going to be a surfer vibe. One our biggest design aspects in any restaurant is comfort; we want people to feel like their in their own kitchen, den or living room.”

“And we’ll have another VW bus down there (as with Blue Point) with our logo,” he continued. “Even the hostess stand is going to be the front end of a VW bus.”

For Burgess, a 2013 graduate of Bayport-Blue Point High School, he jumped at the chance to go into business with his friend and mentor to ensure a long stay in restaurants.

“I’ve always loved working for Justin; that’s why I kept coming back,” said Burgess, who had worked his way up from busboy to a management position. “It’s really been my only job growing up, and I fell in love with [the industry]; l love everything about it.”

In the meantime, the team will be working to keep the growing legion of JT’s fans happy all summer long. They know a third restaurant will help.

“If The Bay’s too busy one night, they can come to The Hideaway. Or if it’s too hot for them, they can come to The Café. We’ll have three restaurants within 15 minutes of each other,” said Tempelman. “It’s gonna be sick.”

Photo Credit: Morgan’s Swan River Marina & Beach House Restaurant on Facebook