The men who brought the Irish Times Pub to Holbrook are excited to unveil their gleaming new James Joyce Restaurant & Pub in Patchogue Village.

“We have seen the revitalization of Patchogue for the last 10 years,” said James Joyce co-owner Lorcan Phelan,  “And were hoping to be part of it too.”

Phelan and his partners, John Murphy and Colm Ashe, quietly held a soft opening at the bar this past Friday and Saturday at 49 South Ocean Avenue.

“We were very, very happy how successful it was,” Phelan said of opening the bar for the first time.

The next soft opening will be this Thursday night to test the kitchen among friends, after which a decision will be made on whether to open up permanently, and when.

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Construction began in early March. “It seems like a lot of people have been waiting for us to open…everybody is staring in and they see the chandeliers,” said Phelan.

The chandeliers, as wells as their murals on the wall, are meant to pay homage to famed Irish author and the restaurant’s namesake, James Joyce.

“There’s a lot of great quotes and sayings that we’ll incorporate into the restaurant and bar,” Murphy previously told GreaterPatchogue. “We like to be Irish without saying leprechauns and Shamrocks, so it’s a little classier.”

The menu and hours of operations will be formatted in a similar fashion to sister pub Irish Times. And, like at Irish Times, the two-story building in Patchogue will be open late to provide food, drinks, and entertainment to night owls.

On paper, the kitchen closes weekdays around 11 p.m. and weekends about midnight; but the folks at James Joyce stand by their hungry patrons.

“We say our bartenders can always cook,” said Phelan. “You can pretty much always get food.”

Top: Front view of the soon-to-be opened James Joyce. (Credit: Nicholas Esposito)