Parking stickers for the new year in Patchogue are now available in Village Hall — and the stickers are free for residents. The circular passes are lavender for 2018.

Non-residents can also obtain white stickers, which allow them to park at the Long Island Rail Road station and elsewhere in the village. The non-resident fee is $150 for the year.

There is sticker-only parking throughout the village like the train station and, for examples, near Shorefront Park and the village pool and beach club. A non-resident sticker is good for all these areas.

But only residents don’t have to feed the meters in the lots. Essentially, the non-resident stickers are for train commuters, according to village officials.

Residents must show proof of their address at the village clerk’s office and fill out a form.

A car registration is preferred, but if that’s not available, a piece of first class mail will do, says Village Clerk Patricia Seal.

Non-residents must fill out a form at Village Hall to get a sticker. The $150 fee is pro-rated based on the month it’s purchased.

Only village residents can park in a metered spot and not pay. A non-resident sticker does not get that privilege; they still have to pay in the lots.

Everyone — even those with resident or nonresident stickers — still must pay for any on-street, metered parking.

Village Hall is located at 14 Baker Street in Patchogue. The village clerk’s office is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact the clerk at (631) 475-4300 with questions.

The Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce also offers this information on parking.

Photo Credit: The Patchogue Village clerk’s office.