Fireworks by Grucci just blew off the largest aerial firework shell in the history of man.

But don’t take our word for it.

The entire event, which happened on New Year’s Eve in the United Arab Emerates, was documented by filmmaker Benny Migliorino of Benny Migs Photo in Patchogue. (Watch above.)

Witnesses and other media also helped confirm the feat for Guinness World Records.

The Bellport-based Grucci company shares the record with Al Marjan Island, a U.A.E. real estate developer. The burst was roughly six times the size of an average aerial firework display, though the record was set by weight.

The Grucci shell weighed in at 2,397 pounds, more than doubling the previous world record. The shell was 55 inches in diameter; its mortar was 60 inches.

The record was held by a Japanese company with a 1,024-pound shell.

Fireworks by Grucci had also set a world record in 1979.

“It’s been a dream of mine to attempt to bring this record back into our family,” said Phil Grucci, the company’s CEO and creative director.

After the shell burst, the entire island erupted in fireworks.

Migliorino is currently working on a longer film than what appears above.

“It was an honor to be asked to film this documentary,” he said. “I expected to be filming a fireworks show, but I got so much more than that.

“I was able to film a family’s story as well as document a part of history.”

Top: The burst as it appears atop the Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah on Al Marjan Island. (courtesy Ihsan Salhia @tgfromdubai)

George Saad, Lucia Sinigagliesi, Abdullah Rashed Al Abdooli and Phil Grucci pose with the newly awarded Guinness World Records certificate for the world’s largest aerial firework shell. (courtesy photo)

Chris Grucci, Phil Grucci, Debbie Grucci, Lauren Grucci and Corey Grucci with the record-setting firework shell before its New Year’s Eve explosion. (Benny Migliorino)