Jennifer Poppiti of Islip is days away from moving her Say More Boutique from the virtual world to the Shoppes at New Village in Patchogue.

“I started two years ago with my own dot-com,” she told GreaterPatchogue. “Ecommerce is a huge thing, but I wanted my home away from home; I wanted to be part of a community.”

So, she’s setting up shop this week in an 1,100-square-foot space on Havens Avenue off West Main Street — which will be her home away from home, next to the future Cuban Restaurant.

Her goal is to open on Saturday, April 29.

Initial news of her plans for Patchogue came around the same time retailer Ellie J + Co. was readying to open in the village, as well as Paper Doll Curiosity Shoppe.

South Shore Vintage opened over the winter on North Ocean Avenue, and Record Stop, originally of Lake Ronkonkoma, will be re-opening next month on South Ocean.

All the new retail should serve to “broaden the experience’ of visiting the restaurant-heavy business district, Poppiti said.

“Otherwise you walk around and what are you going to do, other than eat and drink?” she said.

When talking about the challenges of retail, Poppiti was quick to point out she already runs a business, and noted the online portion of Say More will remain intact.

“I have a following. I have an email list. I feel I’m comfortable enough to make this happen,” she said.

Poppiti grew her online fanbase by setting up booths at festivals across the island and hosting sip-and-shop nights at peoples’ houses.

It was during those human interactions that the mostly online retailer enjoyed her work the most.

“It was awesome being with people, and really rewarding to have something for everybody, and see how excited people were about the clothing, as well as the price point,” she said. “I was able to watch everything I was hoping to achieve” play out in front of her.

The idea behind the shop is to offer stylish, non-big box options for women — at prices that don’t “break the bank,” she explained.

“It will be apparel and accessories, some gift items. Typical women’s apparel, shorts, skirts, tops, pants, leggings …” she said.

Poppiti cased downtowns and other areas throughout the island before settling on Patchogue.

After signing a letter of intent with New Village, she went out for dinner with a friend to celebrate — after which the photo above was taken.

“I saw the foot traffic,” said the Farmingville native. “I’ve always loved Patchogue; I’ve always been connected to Patchogue growing up. I have a lot of friends and clients. It’s a perfect demographic. And it’s our vibe.”

Click here to peruse Say More Boutique’s online collection.