by B.J. Gamboa |

Long Island has been fortunate enough to experience a sudsy boom over the last decade.

Craft breweries abound from Nassau County to Montauk Point. Some are well known and have built a rabid fan-base, while others are just starting to make their own ripples in our boozy pond.

Shamble along with your favorite beer zombie and I’ll lay down my picks for Long Island’s Fab Five up-and-coming breweries. 

(Listed alphabetically to avoid bad feelings and potential bloodshed)


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The lines at The Brewers Collective aren’t for bread, but for a much tastier grain product: beer!

Per their website, a 3-barrel electric system allows the brewers to create beer more efficiently and with less impact on the environment as well as generate small, funky batches quickly.

Currently listed: Cawfee, a coffee porter (spelled phonetically for fellow Lawn Guylanders) and Proletariat, a pale ale for the masses.

Off-the-wall creations such as Witchbinder, Loot (herbal ales) and Pictish (a gruit style ale) are, well… crazy, not for everyone and prove that the Collective brews with balls!  (Not as an ingredient. At least, not yet. Let’s not give them any ideas. But I digress…)

Come, tovarisch! Let us drink together! Let us drink… as one!


Fri 5 – 9 p.m.

Sat 1 – 9 p.m.

(expanded hours coming soon)

1460 N Clinton Ave, Unit C, Bay Shore

Website: Brewer’s Collective

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Twitter @theBrewersCollective