One of four committees tasked with helping the Patchogue-Medford School District re-envision how they educate children is making a report at Monday night’s school board meeting at Patchogue-Medford High School.

Superintendent Michael Hynes described the reconfiguration committee’s report “a check in,” as it reaches a half-way point in its exploration of a Princeton Plan-like model for the district.

The portion of the meeting open to the public will start at 7:30 p.m.

In a prior GreaterPatchogue report, Dr. Hynes talked about exploring a reconfiguring of the district elementary schools so that they’re no longer K-5 schools drawing students from the immediate neighborhoods.

The schools would instead be grouped by grade through the Princeton model, with — in this district — the possibility of freeing up a building for vocational or other opportunities.


Today, Monday, before the March 20 meeting, Dr. Hynes stressed that nothing formal is being proposed to the board.

“We’re turning over every stone; that’s what these committees are doing., nothing more,” he continued. “They’re not advocating for anything; they’re just providing information for the board.”

Next month, a second committee that is actually exploring alternatives to a Princeton model of reconfiguration will also be reporting to the school board.

A third committee is looking at the notion of educating tech students within the district, instead of sending them to BOCES — similar to a program in William Floyd, Dr. Hynes said.

A fourth committee is looking at the feasibility of an in-house professional development option for staffers, instead of them having to seek credits from outside parties.

“This year is about acquiring information,” Dr. Hynes said. “We’re thinking next year the board will take all of this in consideration, and vote whether to approve them or not.”

Monday night’s Powerpoint presentation will be available online sometime soon after the meeting.

The GreaterPatchogue news website will also share out the report.

Photo: Superintendent Michael Hynes outlines a 5-year plan for Patchogue-Medford in an April 2016 State of the District address. (Credit: GreaterPatchogue file photo)

Hynes, Patchogue-Medford working to reshape local education