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A significant gift from an anonymous donor has allowed for Brookhaven Memorial Medical Center to build a brand new, state-of-the-art women’s imaging center right across from the hospital building in East Patchogue.

The center at 100 Hospital Road features two 3D breast imaging machines that cost $300,000 each (photo below), and offers these options for patients:

• Digital mammography

• 3D breast tomosynthesis

• Stereotactic biopsies

• Sonography

• Ultrasound guided core biopsies

• Breast MRI

• Bone density (DEXA) examinations

Hospital administrators and staffers held an opening ceremony on Wednesday.

“This is local, community care at its best,” said Dr. Arlene Sussman, the medical director of woman’s imaging at Brookhaven Memorial.

Brookhaven’s president and CEO, Richard Margulis, informed anyone in attendance for the ceremony that the program is accredited fully by the American College of Radiology.

“This is no easy task,” Margulis said. “It takes a lot of work and a lot of time to get this accreditation. And it really is a tribute to the staff here, and our commitment to help advance the diagnosis of breast disease in our community.”

Dr. Sussman called the project a labor of love that goes back several years. Women’s imaging was previously handled at offices on Sills Road.

“We really felt the community would benefit from a center like this multi-disciplinary approach, with surgery … just down the hall and the rest of radiology across the hall. This was designed to be a gathering place for women in our community, to serve their needs.

“And the equipment we have is absolutely state of the art.”

Top: Richard Margulis (far right) and others at Wednesday’s ceremony. (Michael White)

brookhaven 3d women

Dr. Arlene Sussman with one of the center’s two 3D imaging machines. (Michael White)