Each year, Mark Miller and his staff at Patchogue’s Harbor Crab Co. gather hundreds of toys and tens of thousands of dollars for their Kris Kringle holiday drive.

And Dec. 14, 2016, marked the 12th Kris Kringle night, during which The Crab invites hundreds of people for a free dinner before they all embark on a trip through the area on coach buses.

The carolers surprise several families, which are either dealing with illness or have otherwise fallen on hard times, with songs, gifts, and a check to help them through the winter.

“It started with our regulars and it has become much, much bigger than that,” Miller said.

This year, the Harbor Crab Co. raised over $80,000.

Greaterpatchogue.com reporter Nicholas Esposito was invited along when the Kris Kringle carolers visited four local families. The Crab later distributed more money to others.