Dear Editor,

The school buses stick together mornings and afternoon, this way they are not singled out.

I have called the bus company with some satisfaction, then the daily caravan of buses going over 30 mph returns.

I was told the drivers knew the speed limit and it was illegal to exceed it from the bus company rules. Rumble strips are in place on South Country Road with little or no effect.

We have 30 mph in place and well noted — again with little effect.

To get people to change, whether it’s the bus drivers or all the other drivers, you need enforcement and penalties. Points and speeding tickets are the surest way to reduce speed and create revenues. A “red light” camera as used at many intersections would help.

In response to a recent report, in which Trustee Steve Mackin says the village is looking for resident input on safety measures, I would suggest a traffic light or stop sign at Head of Neck and Station Road, for sure. This is a five-way intersection and not so easy to maneuver onto Station from other access points.

Perhaps, Suffolk County police should park on Station Road as they do on Sunrise.
They have done this sometimes, and it has had some effect — at least I see they have pulled driver’s over.

A police presence in Bellport other than the SCPD car always parked at the dock would make drivers slow down when you see them. If you received a photo in the mail of your car speeding along with a ticket big enough to hurt, maybe word would get out, or common sense prevail.

I’m pretty sure a new speed limit and existing tried measures will not change much.
As long as there are no points on your license, or a stiff speeding fine, most people or going to continue to ignore posted speed limits and rush from South Country Road to old Montauk.

Michael Siems, Bellport Village