If you want to enjoy greaterpatchogue.com the way you would a daily newspaper — meaning you’re in control — then check out these five simple suggestions.

Otherwise, social media sites will decide what will or will not get put in front of you.

  1. Visit the website at greaterpatchogue.com early and often, and scroll down.

We typically publish between two and four new posts a day. Peruse our three different sections on the homepage to find content that might not be atop the site yet.

2. CreateGoogle Alert and get stories emailed to you regularly.

With Google Alerts, you can have stories emailed to you as often as you choose. Click here to create an Alert; type in greaterpatchogue.com.

3.  Sign up for our Think Greater Today newsletters and news alerts.

We send our top story out almost every morning at 5:30 a.m., along with featured events, inspiring Great Quotes and more.

4. Follow us with Twitter Notifications.

Any story we publish, even if we don’t plan on sharing it to Facebook for a couple days, gets automatically published to Twitter. First follow, then next to the Following button, use the drop-down menu to sign up for Mobile Notifications.

5. Stick with Facebook but simply adjust the way you’re seeing our feed.

To do this on a desktop, drag your cursor over the box where it’s marked that you “Like” our page, then in the drop-down box, choose ‘See First.’ Refer to photo below.

On a phone, go to our Facebook page and click the ••• menu box at the top/right.

From the menu that appears, choose Notifications and hit all the bubbles!


Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy consuming this information as much as we do producing it.