The month-long Patchogue Arts Festival: Global/Local continues tonight, Tuesday, with a special event called Common Ground at 89 North Music Venue in Patchogue Village. Tickets are $5 at the door.

Common Ground is an interdisciplinary, collaborative installation and performance created by John Cino and first performed in 2014. Below is a description of the event by the organizers, along with courtesy photos from past performances:

Each performance is designed specifically for its venue and collaborators, and creates an interactive space designed by and incorporating the sculpture of John Cino.

The audience is free to wander through an environment of audio and visual phenomenon. At the core of Common Ground is Whale Song Improv, an interaction between the recorded song of a humpback whale with multi-instrumentalists Ann McInerney, percussionists Brady Wilkins and several others.

Tonight, Cino will collaborating with video artist Becca Uliasz in creating an interactive environment through multiple projections. Whale Song Improv will also include bassist Mitch Erdman and Kevin Griffin on sax.

Common Ground also welcomes Be Here Wednesday, a collaborative improvisational group of musicians Colin Kasprowicz, Ryan Broderick and Kevin Griffin and video artist Becca Uliasz who have recently completed a six month residency at The Velvet Lounge where they explored through improvisation the union of sight and sound.

Photos: Flutist Annie Mac among John Cino sculptures at Common Ground performance in Stony Brook. (courtesy)