SubZero Ice Cream, the liquid-nitrogen ice cream shop opened this summer on North Ocean Avenue, is getting set to launch alcohol-infused ice cream Sept. 30.

Don’t put down that drink just yet.

Though made with bourbon, “which goes awesome with chocolate,” says chef and owner Dave Zollo, the ice cream is less than 5 percent alcohol.

It’s still only available to those 21 and over.

“The goal is to produce a good tasting frozen treat, not an alcoholic beverage,” reads a SubZero press announced issued Friday night. “We have been working on recipes that taste good and comply with New York State frozen treat law.”

SubZero, a national franchise, announced it has come up with a revolutionary way to produce alcoholic ice cream that infuses the alcohol evenly throughout.

Apparently, puddling would often occur when ice cream and alcohol was combined.

“We are excited about being able to offer this unique culinary experience to our Patchogue customers.” Zollo said.

He also said alcohol-infused sorbets are on the way, too, with the hopes of teaming up with an East End winery.

Any additional questions can be directed at Zollo at 631-307-9747, or email

SubZero opened this summer on North Ocean Avenue. See prior coverage.