Carr Lane Demolition 2

Brookhaven Town demolished another so-called zombie house Tuesday, this time on Carr Lane in Medford.

“Like so many zombie houses, this dangerous eyesore was in a nice neighborhood where people take care of their homes and property,” said Brookhaven Councilman Michael Loguercio, who was on hand.

A house like this has such a detrimental impact on everyone in the neighborhood and I am happy that we were able to demolish it.”

The house had code violations dating to 2006, then was damaged by fire in 2010, officials said.

It was demolished “in accordance with Chapter 73 of the Town Code, which provides a ‘fast track’ to rid neighborhoods of unsafe structures,” reads a news announcement.

The property will next be cleared of debris and graded by the town.

The costs associated with that work will be billed to the landowner(s) in the form of a lein on the property that is placed on the tax bill, officials said.

Suffolk County actually reimburses the town, then the county collects the money.

Photo: Councilman Michael Loguercio outside the Carr Lane house Tuesday. (courtesy)