Riding the momentum of one of the best-attended Bellport Days ever, the Bellport Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a sidewalk sale and outdoor movie night Friday.

The Main Street shops will be setting up outside and staying open until 8 p.m. for the special day and evening in the village.

Not only that, at 8:15 p.m. MVP Automotive is hosting a free outdoor screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). [Rated R]

“There are great spots for local dining and shopping hidden away in Bellport Village that people don’t realize are there,” said Chris Hane, the chamber’s president and an MVP Automotive co-owner. “Our sidewalk sales give people a chance to see what the stores have to offer, and we invite them to stop in at each shop.”

The evening will also set the stage for The Gateway’s big Blockbuster Ball fundraiser Saturday night. Then, The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live on Stage! begins running on Aug. 24 through Sept. 9, with a midnight show Sept. 10.

“We’ve not done anything like this before at MVP and we know there are a lot of big fans of the movie looking forward to watching it on a 20’x25 outdoor screen,” Hane said. “Bring a chair but we’re hoping people won’t need it because we want them to sing and dance along with us to the movie.”

Hane recommends attendees Google “how to time warp dance” before heading to Bellport.

Photo: Shopping outside TOLA. in Bellport Village on Bellport Day. (Michael White)