Brightwaters Farms, Bay Shore, N.Y. (courtesy)

After four years at the Pennysaver Amphitheater in Farmingville, one of Long Island’s premier craft beer festivals, Beerfields, is moving to a new location for its 2016 installment.

The summer event is also being pushed back to fall.

“We were looking at a new venue, and we were talks with multiple places,” said James Bonanno of The Tap Room, a Beerfields co-founder and organizer. “With that, time passed and it looked like the event was going to happen in the fall this year.”

“We had always had an idea for a fall festival anyway,” he continued. “Because fall seasonals are so popular, especially pumpkin beer, which is the most popular.”

Hence the name: Pumpkinfields Craft Beer & Music Festival.

The event will be held from 1-6 p.m. on Sept. 24 at Brightwaters Farms in Bay Shore.

Tickets are $45 ahead time or $55 at the door and are available online, or at The Tap Room’s two locations in Patchogue and Massapequa. (No fees if paying in-person.)

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Bonnano cited logistical issues as the reason for leaving the amphitheater at Bald Hill.

“But we found this awesome venue in Bay Shore,” he said “It’s a farm and a hidden gem. There’s going to be pumpkins everywhere and it’s just the perfect venue for something like this.”


As in Famingville, the new Beerfields-style event will be as much about the music as it is the beer. There will be six bands playing that day, along with the 50 craft breweries, retail vendors and more.

“This is meant to be good time,” Bonanno said. “People can still experience and sample a ton of new beers, but it also has that fun, party element.”

Brightwaters Farms, located at 1624 Manatuck Boulevard, consists of a wholesale nursery and is spread out over 15 acres. The farm, which has two other locations Upstate, opens up to families each fall for pumpkin picking, according to its website.

Not only that, Brightwaters Farms typically offers local, seasonal beers to its visitors.

Festival-goers will be able to purchase pumpkins the day of the craft beer and music festival as well.

One thing Bonanno stressed is there will be plenty of beer options, as well as ciders, for festival-goers next month. “Even if you don’t necessary like pumpkin, you’ll still find all the styles you would find at Beerfields,” he said.

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photo courtesy of Brightwaters Farms