If you’ve ever eaten at one of New York City’s many fine dining establishments, chances are you’re already acquainted with Koppert Cress.

Some of the most sought-after gourmet microgreens and micro vegetables in the United States come from a state-of-the-art greenhouse off Route 48 in Cutchogue. The greenhouse belongs to Koppert Cress, a company founded in the Netherlands in 2002.

Koppert Cress chose to open their first U.S. franchise on Long Island in 2006 because of the generous amount of sunlight the East End receives.

Microgreens are tiny vegetable greens that are used for both decorative appeal and flavor in fine dining. They are known for their unique textures and leaf flavors, which can range from sweet to spicy.

Koppert Cress grows a number of unique microgreens, including South American Yka Leaves, commonly known as “butterfly leaves” for their distinctive shape and coloring, which provide visual appeal along with robust, tart flavor.

The boasts a total of 100,000 square foot of greenhouse space in two location, Cutchogue and Riverhead, and has been featured in The New York Times, The Suffolk Times, News 12 and the Washington Post.

Koppert Cress will be contributing their renowned microgreens to the Island to Table outdoor fundraiser dinner this Sunday, July 31, in Patchogue.

Chefs Jim Klein, Hirbin Manzanares, Lauren Lombardi and Richard Lanza will all be using a variety of greens and herbs from the Cutchogue greenhouse in their dishes, including mint, sage, wasabi and fresh basil.

Expect extremely flavorful results.

Aside from raising money for sustainability projects through Homegrown Change, the Island to Table event, taking place in the New Village complex, seeks to raise awareness about Long Island’s local food sources, from land and water. is Island to Table’s official media sponsor, and is showcasing the local suppliers like Koppert Cress. Tickets to the event are $150 per person.

Tickets are available online by clicking here (and then scrolling down) through Saturday.

Any tickets Sunday must be purchased at the door. The event starts at 5 p.m.

Top Photo and information below by Carrie Miller/The Suffolk Times

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