Elmer Rubio at Chachama Grill

Five top chefs from across Greater Patchogue will be participating in the six-course Island to Table outdoor dining experience in Patchogue Village on Sunday.

The chefs will be preparing food from the land or waters of Long Island for the fundraiser, which is being held at the New Village at Patchogue complex.

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Chachama Grill

Position: chef/owner

Age: 45

Born: El Salvador

Lives: East Patchogue

Appetizer: Crostini with Smoked Duck Breast and Peach Chutney

Entrée: Pan Seared Long Island Fried Duck Ravioli, Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms, Kale and Demi Glace. The ingredients are from Crescent Farms, Davis Peach Farm, East End Mushroom Company and Satur Farms.

About the entrée (and cooking duck in general):

Chef Rubio, whose Chachama Grill is consistently ranked by Zagat as being among Long Island’s finest restaurants, insists duck isn’t hard to cook.

It’s all about achieving a nice medium-rare temperature for the breast, he says.

People do find it problematic cooking the whole bird, however, as they might do with a turkey on Thanksgiving.

That’s because the legs and breast need to be cooked to different temperatures.

He’ll be utilizing both parts of the Crescent Duck Farm ducks for his entrée, which involves using leg meat for the fried duck ravioli, and beautiful breast meat to lay on top of the plate.

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