Last year we tried to entice you with castle living in Brookhaven Hamlet.

We’re doing it again.

Except this time the cost of helping your kids live out their Disney fantasies has dropped from nearly $1.5 million to $899,000.

And we’ve brought along an aerial video. (See video below.)

This about more than a 5,000-square-foot, 5-bedroom house that looks like a castle, as listing agent Jules Radino of Rice Realty Group points out.

It’s about the castle lifestyle.

This property at 51 Hawkins Lane near the water is like living on a manor; it’s surrounded by a full 10 acres of unbuildable land, Radino says. There’s room to build a moat if you wanted. (Though you might have trouble with those DEC permits.)

“Besides the privacy I really like the lounge area and the open kitchen,” Radino added.

Click here for the full listing from Rice Realty. More photos below video.