Blue Point Oyster Bar & Bistro

Love Blue Point oysters? (Of course you do.)

Well, a new bistro-style restaurant coming this weekend to the hamlet will be spotlighting them and more.

The Blue Point Oyster Bar & Bistro is expected to open at 154 Montauk Highway on Saturday, with owners Kevin and Gina Kessler looking to bring a fine dining and an intimate experience to the area.

But by no means does fine dining equate to stuffy.

“It’s local folks serving up good food in a local, friendly atmosphere,” Kevin Kessler said.

The Kesslers live right around the corner from their upcoming restaurant, and are looking to create a quieter environment that counters some of the louder restaurants that have popped up in the surrounding areas over the last few years that might be targeting younger demographics.

“We’re creating a friendly atmosphere for our age group,” Kessler said, who added that instead of live music they will be looking to establish a softer vibe for customers ages 35 and up, along with dishes not typically available nearby.

“Working with the chef we’ve been trying to offer something that not a lot of restaurants offer,” Kessler said, specifically citing lamb and duck entrees from their eclectic menu.

The star style of the aforementioned oysters at Blue Point Oyster Bar & Bistro will be Rockefeller, with spinach, onion, bacon and a Cajun cream sauce.

Keeping things local extends to the staff, which includes chef and Sayville native Sue Callanan, among other friends and neighbors.

The Kesslers currently run the immensely popular Backstreet Burger food truck that visits Stony Brook University as well as Blue Point Brewery in Patchogue Village, it’s the truck’s success that has allowed them to start this restaurant.

“We’ve been running the truck for about four years now,” Kessler said. “We’re happy with the success of that, it’s basically what’s really afforded us to go into this venture.”

For more, including a full menu, visit bluepointoysterbar.comOr call 631-363-6000.