If you’re like me, when Mister Softee skips your block, you don’t just call it a day; you get out there and find some ice cream.

To make that afternoon jaunt a bit easier, we’ve done some legwork for you and found some great places in Greater Patchogue.

(We’re even breaking some news here, with Subzero now in town.)

Subzero Ice Cream & Yogurt, Patchogue


Subzero owner/chef David Zollo freezes up some ice cream right before our eyes.

Subzero is now open in the the village and it offers a new and exciting way to create an ice cream sundae—with liquid nitrogen. What? Hear us out. They say this way of making ice cream results in a creamier product, because the cream freezes in 15 seconds as opposed to the usual 20 minutes or more. You also enjoy it for longer, because it will not melt as quickly as traditional ice cream. These are all good things.

The process starts with you choosing the cream, then the flavor (there are 18 standard flavors) and then adding whatever mix-ins you want (Twix is an option).

Or, if you need to get the ice cream as soon as possible, just pick one of their Sensations, combos that Subzero has already thought up for you. Then just it back and watch your choices go from a liquid to a solid.

They have a Sensation of the Month that will include a flavor or a mix-in that you won’t be able to get always get. There’s also a frozen yogurt menu.

Kilwins, Patchogue

The popular Superman ice cream is a mix of vanilla and fruit flavors.

Kilwins’ popular Superman ice cream is a mix of vanilla and fruit flavors.

Among the chocolate, candy apples and fudge, Kilwins serves up a number of ice cream flavors. Flavors include the Patchogue Mud (vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate chips), Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Peanut Butter Pie (limited edition) and Toasted Coconut.

While in Kilwins, a customer told me that the Toasted Coconut will change my life. Ask for a sample of it, whether you’re just curious or you actually want to change your life. (Hey, you gotta start somewhere.) You can have it on a cake cone or a fresh waffle cone or bowl, all made in-house.

Regardless of whether or not your life changes, you will enjoy some pretty delicious ice cream.

Tina’s, Patchogue

Yes, Tina’s has ices and yes, they serve Hershey’s Ice Cream, and you can combine them, but you have to check out the list of their 26 soft-serve flavors. From the first flavor to the last, there’s not one bad one in the bunch. A couple of my favorites are the Pistachio and the Chocolate Peanut Butter. You can even get a hot and fluffy Belgian waffle topped with the soft-serve flavor of your choice.

Tina’s has a mobile version of their restaurant called the Tina’s Bus. It is a mini bus with what looks like a huge cup of rainbow ice melting on top of it and dripping down the sides.

This awesome vehicle was even featured in an issue of Food Network Magazine. You can visit their location on West Main Street in Patchogue, across from KB’s Burger Shack, from now until the end of October.

Ralph’s, Patchogue or Bayport

Luckily, Ralph’s is in more than one location in the Greater Patchogue area, and they don’t just sell delicious and refreshing Italian ices. They sell delicious ice cream too; the soft kind that you can pair with Italian ice in a Twister or an Iceberg, or in a cone, or a shake, or you can tell them to put it in an ice cup and pretend like it doesn’t have more calories than ice, or you can get a Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae which includes a warm chocolate chip cookie and forget all about calories. It’s really up to you. Go crazy for less than $10.

Carla Marla’s Ice Cream Parlor, Bellport


Carla Marla’s also serves up an idyllic setting for ice cream in Bellport.

This little unassuming spot in the Village of Bellport is the perfect place to pop in for a cone or some sweets. They sell ice cream in an array of flavors, from Mint Chocolate to Campsite Peanut Butter Crunch, which has marshmallow and chocolate chips in peanut butter ice cream

Neighbors walk in right from the street because they know it and love it.

Passersby can even grab a cold treat for their dogs at $2 each.